Your Participation

This project is open to everyone. Volunteers are asked to make completed quilts. The quilts should be exactly 3' by 6' or 91cm by 183cm in size, and must have a front and back. Quilt batting is optional, but it helps to stablilize the quilt. You may use techniques such as applique, patchwork or piecing. You may use cotton, satin, wool or any other fabric, but non-stretch materials work best and help the quilt to keep its shape. You may incorporate objects or mementos, but keep in mind that the quilts will be folded and stored when not exhibited, and they will also travel from venue to venue. Please do not use glue. Any external objects should be sewn on and secured to all layers of the quilt. A four inch sleeve should be attached to the back of the quilt for hanging.

It is important that we have a record of your participation. Please let us know that you are making a quilt so that we can give you a registration number.

Feel free to tell your family and friends about September 11 Quilts. Please tell us if you would like your name added to our mailing list.

September 11 Quilts reserves the right to exercise curatorial discretion.

Artist retains proprietary rights to all work created for and submitted to September 11 Quilts and guarantees that the quilt is your sole creation, with no copyright infringements entailed in the creation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, artist grants to September 11 Quilts a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, display and otherwise use the submitted quilt/work.

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